stevie sisson's collection of lupin paintings on paper and raw canvas on the wall in her art studio



With this collection of paintings, I wanted to capture some of that lupin season magic - that time when the whole summer is ahead and anything can happen, when the lupin pinks and purples burst across fields, roadsides, and seasides all over the maritimes. Every year, my favourite lupins are the ones that are a little bit ditzy, the imperfect ones. Maybe they are twisted and bent, or look a little scraggly.

3 lupin paintings on paper and one lupin painting on raw canvas tacked to a white wall in stevie sisson's art studio in Nova Scotia

This collection of lupins includes works on cream cotton paper and raw canvas. I was inspired by vintage botanical illustrations, but I wanted to add my own spin on things. So I played with mixed media - acrylic paint, pastels, pencil crayons, even graphite - to really explore different shapes and colours. I would start by painting the lupin flowers, then move onto the leaves. I love how the leaves remind me of pinwheels.

After completing studies on paper, I painted one final lupin on raw canvas. 

This collection of mixed media lupin paintings will be available April 18, 2023 at 10am AST / 9am EST.

 collection of lupin paintings tacked to a white wall in stevie sisson's art studio

collection details:

studies on paper

  • (6) 15x22" and (2) 22x30" mixed media paintings on cream cotton paper
painting on raw canvas
  • (1) 24x36" mixed media painting on gallery wrapped raw canvas
media used
  • acrylic paint
  • pastels
  • pencil crayon
  • graphite

3 lupin paintings on paper tacked to a white wall in stevie sisson's art studio

behind the scenes of the 'lupins' collection:

  • what i was listening to as i painted: Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd (Lana Del Rey); the record (boygenius)
  • what i was reading while waiting for paint to dry: French Braid (Anne Tyler)
  • colour MVPs: permanent violet dark paint (Golden) & green soft pastels (Sennelier)
  • favourite lupin colour: either a purple that's almost blue or unicorn purple / magenta / pink
  • favourite place to find lupins IRL: near the shack at Baxter's Harbour, Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy
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