'birds' is a collection of mixed media paintings on paper about home. grow your wings and take flight. but come home, find home. be here with me and watch the birds.

two paintings featuring various garden birds hanging on a white sunlit wall outside

Painting this collection of birds felt like home to me. Like one of those assignments in art class - paint your portrait but don't use your face. Or tell me what home is without telling me. After all the changes and unprecedented events of the last few years, I've questioned what home means, what it's becoming, and what it could be.

And I think for me, the birds tie it all together. They are home.

two paintings of songbirds hang outdoors on a sunlit white wall

'birds' is a collection of acrylic and mixed media paintings on cream cotton paper.

three paintings of songbirds hang outdoors on a white sunlit wall

Collection Details

  • Acrylic and mixed media on cream cotton paper
  • 30 x 22 inches with deckled edge on long sides
  • Unframed


"on the way home"
painting of birds
"let's stay in"
framed painting of birds
"meet you at home"
framed painting of birds

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