tide pools & sea sons

tide pools & sea sons

Exploring my new collection of paintings: tide pools, where abstract chaos meets the calm of the coastline, and sea son, a faceless portrait that whispers of maritime nostalgia.

tide pools: an ode to beachcombers

two abstract paintings hang on the wall in stevie sisson's art studio 

Tide pools are mixed media abstract paintings on raw canvas - a dynamic duo, reminiscent of a diptych, sharing the same hues and a common thread of seaside inspiration. Aquamarine blues, natural greys and browns converge in abstract splashes, drips, and chaos that form the backdrop for the main characters - the sea shells. 

I wanted to represent both of my maritime homes with these paintings. There's a blue mussel shell from Prince Edward Island, and a scallop shell from Nova Scotia. 

grid collage of 3 detail photos of abstract tide pool paintings

In these paintings, the sea shells are witnesses to the whirlwind of colours and emotions of the tides and the beach. They're a reflection of the unpredictable beauty of the coastline. Paintings for those who can't resist the allure of beachcombing, forever coming home with pockets full of treasures (it's me, hi).

sea son: nostalgia in yellow

faceless fisherman painting propped on the boardwalk in winter along the bay of fundy coastline

Then, setting sail into the heart of nostalgia, we have sea son, a faceless portrait capturing the essence of a fisherman in classic yellow attire - hat and rain slicker - on cradled wood panel. Here's to the fishermen, making their living at sea. 

for the salty souls

in stevie sisson's art studio, two abstract paintings and a faceless portrait hang on the wall. in the foreground is a cart with paint and other materials.

These paintings aren't just art - they're stories waiting to be told. Whether you're a beachcomber at heart or someone with an extra dose of saltwater in your veins, these pieces speak to the soul of coastal living and are a connection to the beauty of the Atlantic.

Dive in, feel the saltwater, because the tide pools collection is available now.


sea son 
moonlit aquamarine
give me the ocean, i'm tired of the stars
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